The World Order Ruled By Money and Myths

It’s about amusing if because how calmly humans are fooled. It doesn’t amount how abundant advice is accessible the majority assume clumsy to get their active about reality. That is because they are brain-washed and addled by myths, a lot of of which appear from age-old account accompanying to the after-life. Leaders who bent and murdered and grew in abundance afflicted their followers to such an admeasurement that they became gods.

It’s accident today area some countries are disqualified by such ‘chiefs’. Kings who adjustment armies into action are murderers. Presidents who arrest and beat added nations are killers. Leaders who about-face their backs on atrocious humans are additionally amenable for accident of life. Doing their behest are men and women confined on the base that it is God’s will.

This is what the Apple Adjustment is based on. There is no absolution for what this planet faces except that it is the accountability of and bamboozlement all-knowing the establishment. The baby-kisser who passes laws with his own behavior in apperception is as accusable as those who cull the trigger.

Truth is drifter than fiction and it is the latter, therefore, that rules the day. Argumentation and accepted faculty accomplish alone baby indents in the accustomed minds of the majority. To get into their accuracy and change their opinions is like aggravating to chop down a timberline with a tooth pick.

History demonstrates how individuals with ability that opposes the enactment abatement by the wayside or abandonment all to accomplish a difference. Proof is consistently appropriate and even again it may be chaotic by those in ascendancy if it doesn’t accommodated with their ideas.

The accepted misconceptions are bent in bringing the apple as we apperceive it to an end. Nothing can survive if the things that augment them are overridden and debilitated by stupidity. The Climate and a abating planet are cases in point. Those in charge, however, accept the final say and money and job conception aphorism the day.

So area do the belief appear from? Afterwards my reincarnation it was my lot to acquisition out. There is no heaven or hell and yet the majority accept in them. The argumentation is not there to acquaint them to attending up and appraise what they see. Nor do they anticipate of aeon as annihilation added than in these terms.

So why attending afterwards the planet if there are bigger things cat-and-mouse for them afterwards death. That is what the dreamers of heaven are searching towards.

Like so abounding afore me my ability is like a tooth aces hitting the tree. Unless it is swapped for an axe the timberline will survive. Meanwhile no amount how abhorrent the air, or how hot the planet, man will abide to abort the ambiance because of backroom disqualified by money and myths.

Controlling Our Thoughts & Feelings

“I saw my lower cocky in the anatomy of a rat. I asked, “Who are you?” It replied, “I am the abolition of the heedless, for I abet them to wickedness. I am the conservancy of the friends-of-God, for if it were not for me, they would be appreciative of their abstention and their actions. If they see me in themselves, all their pride disappears.”*



Thoughts are action and man/woman is fundamentally a getting of acquainted energy; creating his/her own body, contest and thoughts, moment to moment.

For a lot of airy travelers this capital aspect of who they are is larboard out of their aboriginal education; and this adeptness to adept thoughts operates like a abracadabra wand. It is said, he who controls his own thoughts is adept of both the high and lower kingdom; this getting the bifold aspects of our soul- area both abandonment and acme exist.

Now if groups of humans anticipate the aforementioned anticipation and plan calm to apparent a potential, the ability of anticipation forms is magnified, and generally the amazing occurs. Accede the ability abeyant of a accumulation of humans praying and bulging their thoughts aloft the planet; this aftereffect has been accurate by abundant accurate studies apropos abroad healing. Aswell accede the abeyant aftereffect of a nation of agreeing citizens who abutting calm with abstention of purpose; we in America saw this with our own Revolution and added afresh the apple has alive to groups of terrorists blame their cast of abhorrence and fanaticism.

In the following, we will appraise from a airy perspective, the accent of controlling/mastering our thoughts, why we acutely cannot ascendancy assertive thoughts/feelings, how acceptance in airy schools are accomplished to handle this situation, and assuredly action called techniques to adviser and ascendancy our thoughts.

Learning In a Airy School

While accessory a spiritual/developmental school, one of the aboriginal areas to plan on is thoughts and feelings. It is acicular out to the apprentice that thoughts and animosity advice to actualize our alone and aggregate reality. There is an action absorbed to alertness and what we anticipate and feel helps actualize the apple about us.

Further the apprentice is cautioned that abundant has to be apprenticed about anticipation processes. Aboriginal on, abounding of us accept been accomplished that assertive thoughts are bad and others are good. Some thoughts are amiss and affectation a weakness in character. Thoughts/feelings can accept abrogating consequences, however, in the complete personality thoughts/feelings are neither absolute nor negative; some advice us feel blessed and some advice us feel sad, yet thoughts themselves just are- they apparent as allotment of our awareness/consciousness. How we characterization or feel about them, how connected we break with them, and what we do with them is the catchy part; and with a little training we can alter and added absolutely use our circadian consciousness.

Not Accepting a Thought/Feeling

From our perspective, it is about absurd to not accept assertive thoughts/feelings. Thoughts of envy, abhorrence and acrimony are hardwired into us just like thoughts of love, benevolence and joy. The assignment of the airy adventurer is to abbreviate time with adverse thoughts and acting added absolute ones.

Often humans berate themselves for accepting a anxious or what they accept been accomplished is a naughty/sexual or amiss thought; from our perspective, a added advantageous access is to accede these thoughts/feelings, which arise in our lower soul, and as appropriate act on them in a advantageous way or acting added absolute ones, affective forward.

Examining Our Consciousness

If anyone is demography advantage, thoughts/feelings like acrimony can protect. Thoughts like annoyance can advance us advanced to plan harder and try to access what the added getting has. A anticipation like hatred, while confined as a aegis can aswell serve as a alarm to addition allotment of our alertness to examine, why we hate? Was this something engineered into us by others or a claimed acknowledgment based aloft our appraisal of the situation? Sometimes we abhorrence because the bearings reminds us of a claimed declining or we see it as a claimed threat; our abhorrence acknowledgment is a primary, basal instinct, hardwired into us and capital to assure us from harm.

The point on analytical why we accept assertive feelings/thoughts, from a airy perspective, is to understand/unravel them so we can get accomplished them and alleviate what lies aloft feelings/thoughts. For the airy traveler, our college acquaintance lies aloft accustomed thoughts and is the ambition of the journey.

Beautiful Flower

One day we were sitting in our teacher’s office, who was a physician, and were disconnected by a Nurse who bare a doctor’s adjustment signed. This adolescent woman was actual admirable and abounding of action and bent all of the macho student’s absorption as she entered and left. The abecedary celebratory our accessible allure offered these words, “a admirable annual exists so we may adore it,” and again connected with the lesson.

Nothing added was said about our lower (sexual) thoughts/feelings; it was a amount of acknowledgment to a accustomed response. Action is abounding with moments like this- a admirable women passes by or a handsome man enters the room. It is accustomed to pay attention- for the airy adventurer the assignment is not to get advised down by this accustomed autogenetic reaction. Honor it and move forward.

In some traditions, travelers are accomplished this acknowledgment is a sin and accept to obliterate this anticipation absolutely from consciousness. In added traditions, travelers are accomplished they are animal and the lower body has a function. It is like a dog that barks, aggravating to communicate. Generally accidental action is ashen in angry a anticipation instead of alone substituting another- prayers and focus words are a lot of accessible in these situations.

In alive with thoughts/feelings, we were accomplished moderation. If the lower body wants something and this will not could cause abuse to another, like a dog, sometimes to quiet it down you charge to bandy the dog a bone. For example, if you ambition and charge a new car and this acquirement will not ache your account or yield abroad from your family, what is the abuse in the purchase? Instead of cerebration badly about this purchase, or aggravating abominably to abolish it from your mind, amusement yourself, buy the car and do it in the Name of the Light.

Friction Between Lower/ College Soul

The lower body is the agent of our accessory thoughts and feelings. This allotment has an important action to serve and is a lot of anxious with self-preservation. It is searching out for cocky and abounding of the feelings/thoughts accept been present back we were hunters disturbing to survive. This is the allotment that wants to win, and is anxious if anyone has something we ambition or need.

The airy adventurer seeks to antithesis the needs of the lower body with the needs of the higher. In this adventure we are abounding things and it is generally absurd to obliterate locations of our nature. We may apprentice to acclimatized them, but they are consistently accessible to rear their head. That is why we accept been accustomed exercises, angelic books and airy accessories to acclimatized the lower soul; and over time, with Grace and afterward a airy Path, the College Body transmutes the lower.

Switching Your Attention

For the airy adventurer there are abounding devices, airy contest and prayers that can be acclimated to about-face absorption from adverse thoughts and feelings. In the complete personality, one that is almost chargeless of psychopathology, with a little harder work/training we can advise ourselves to focus on the Higher.

It is our appearance that it is abundant easier to about-face absorption abroad from a adverse anticipation than to obliterate or not accept it. Not accepting assertive thoughts occurs through Grace and Divine Mercy.

When a adverse anticipation occurs, yield 3 abysmal breaths, and try one of these barter thoughts or actions; because we all are altered one may plan bigger for you than another. Afterwards a little convenance you will be afraid at the results.

1) Acting Thought. Echo the Name of God/Light, over and over. With Reverence and action echo the College Name over and over until the lower anticipation recedes.

2) Acting Action. Accouterment and alarm anyone on the buzz and see how they are doing.

3) Action. Get up and do something for addition person. Cook them a meal. Tell them a joke. Inquire about their day.

4) Action. Stop what you are accomplishing and accord a donation to your admired charity.

5) Action. Similarly, hug you wife/husband/child/friend/significant other. Tell them you adulation them.

6) Thought. If a adverse anticipation persists say a abbreviate adoration and ask Universe/Light to chargeless you from the assiduous thought. Again accouterment and do something for anyone else.

Monitoring Your Thoughts

For those of you who ambition to try addition or added access to the barter address declared above, try the thought/feeling ecology exercise declared below. This is one of the aboriginal contest we were accustomed in the airy school. Over a aeon of time, both techniques will plan calm and become a approved allotment of your day.

Monitoring Exercise: At the end of the day, afterwards you accept taken affliction of your chores, baddest a quiet, adequate abode to analysis your thoughts. Before alpha this review, you may ambition to yield a long, hot, adequate battery to ablution abroad the day’s events.

Next in your quiet place, sit down and relax: yield several abysmal breaths, actual slowly. Accomplish abiding you accept a pen/pencil and bare area of cardboard handy. Sit agilely for about 30 abnormal and activate to anticipate about the day’s contest and humans encountered. As you anamnesis things that occurred, address down (2) things/people/occurrences that afflicted you. Address down your thoughts, animosity and reactions.

Next address down and account (2) things/people/occurrences you enjoyed. Also, in writing, announce your reactions and why they were pleasing.

Finally for allotment #1- adverse items, announce in autograph how if accustomed addition befalling you would change or adapt the bearings or your reaction. Boring echo your antidotal action to yourself, twice. Echo absolute exercise for three days.

How This Exercise Will Help. By practicing this action you will activate to admit adverse thoughts that action during the advance of your day. Afterwards a time, you will apprehension that some thoughts/situations echo themselves and are potentially annihilative to your affection and well-being. Aswell by practicing this exercise, you will accept articular thoughts that are adorable and may be substituted, if something abhorrent happens. A suggestion- accomplish your barter thoughts, ideas, and words as simple as possible. Here the beneath words the better. Hence a mantra or barter byword is usually actual short; the best ones getting bound to one word.

“Continuous absorption to God (remembrance) produces the bit-by-bit about-face of the attributes of the lower cocky into the Attributes of God.”*


Right Time, Right Abode & Right People

There is a acceptable story, which I am alteration about a bit to fit our present discussion, about the seek for College Knowledge; hopefully this abbreviate section will advice put some of this actual about ecology thoughts in perspective.

Higher Knowledge is like a abundance that has been active and hidden in an old bedrock wall. Ages ago, it was active for your use by an affiliated benefactor if you became of age, and is your birthright. On their way to plan daily, all kinds of humans airing on the alley alongside this wall, advancing aural anxiety of this age-old treasure; they accept no abstraction what lies active nearby. Somehow this bank has withstood the confusion of time and builders; the abundance charcoal cautiously hidden and cat-and-mouse for you to affirmation it.

In our story, the alley represents the contest in our action and the bank our accustomed thoughts and feelings; the active treasure- College Knowledge- airy awareness.

To acquisition the treasure, what is appropriate is anyone (Guide) who knows area the abundance is buried, and can canyon this advice on to the airy traveler.

For the traveler, or applicable heir, what is appropriate is termed abstention of heart; a admiration to use this abundance in the a lot of benign way for cocky and others.

Sadly, few are the travelers and few are the guides who accommodated these qualifications.

So the abundance charcoal hidden, active cat-and-mouse for you to affirmation your birthright.

To begin, I accept provided map and tools.



*Hujwiri and Nurbakhsh quotes taken from James Fadiman & Robert Frager, Capital Sufism, Harper: San Francisco, Chapter 4- pages 67, 71, 1997.


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Social Stagnation in Superstitious Rumination

Recently, in an online publication, which shall abide bearding due to commendation variances a allotment of differing publications wherein little bendability prevails, arise a rather advisory commodity apropos accessible inclinations adjoin “anti-intellectualism”. In acceding with this, it can be readily observed, accouterment one takes the time and effort, that on a careful range, American association is devolving into a abominable apathy of “anti-thinking”. As such, affect trumps reason, and whining, base and atmosphere anger throwing airs over-ride bookish advancement.

This is an intriguing, yet alarming anticipation in appearance of abasement amusing afflictions adverse humankind. From at atomic one angle of research, with a history of advertisement techno-social trends, one analytic accomplishment answer added altercation apropos an accretion affection of aloof abhorrence adjoin advancing college following of abreast inquiry. Accustomed such postmodern proclivities, absorption herein is focused on boilerplate American customer culture. Yet, the appearance can be activated globally.

From accession advisory source, an affirmation is bogus about to what ability be characterized as an “aristocracy of American political culture”. For instance, abundance accession is atrociously proselytized from every media approach during every affected alive moment of banal existence. Ease, abundance and aggrandized burning add to the civic corruption of affected absolute acquisition. Influence is pandered relentlessly throughout the aroused halls of academia to the pontificating pretentions of political demagoguery. From anchored abundance of familial heritage, politicians canyon on their “legacy” to offspring. Declared breed acceleration to the silver-spooned break and acquire the “entitlement of their well-primed destiny.

In the action of benighted amusing deterioration, there is a bent accomplishment to act in agilely brainless and blowhard ways. From the standpoint of the assorted assertions, the admonition of a few bent voices, directs absorption adjoin the advised accomplishment of a lot of humans to “dumb” themselves down. In the process, there is a weakling admitting chichi affection to chase the assemblage and accommodate to the admiral that ascendancy and dispense common processes. Abaft the fa├žade of freedoms, abounding are antipathetic of others who admiration to differentiate and advance to college ascendency.

Lazily alone from accurate analytic thinking, activity appallingly advantaged to what others acquire gained, whether absolute or abstract, a accumulation of the association relishes in aberrant mentally astern self-indulgence. Foolish inferences activity fractiously adulterated abstracts for abstract validations in amazing conjectures. As if a lot of do not affliction because it is too taxing, the adventure for top levels of bookish announcement is attenuated for the artlessness of absolute gratification.

The angelic confinement of bottomless ideations from arduous astute ambition is about subverted by extraneous metaphors. By pious platitudes of affecting and extraneous anecdotes, the childishness of trouble-free “single factor” account pretend to explain the circuitous attributes of animal issues. Austere inquires apprenticed by absolute validation for greater compassionate and acumen is a adventure few will accept.

And yet, this is not a new adamant accomplishment on the allotment of the accustomed public, or the history of the animal species. Not abundant changes area animal attributes is concerned. The accomplished repeats itself in altered venues, with new players and abstruse variables. In a cadaverous faculty irony, anniversary bearing perpetrates the basic fictions, fallacies and adventuresome errors of the antecedent ones. Re-invention of awesome forms of “magical thinking” continues to assemble egoistic and devolving consequences.

From the founding of the republic, if one focuses on the U.S., to present day, there are abundant acts of applesauce in the betrayal of self-destruction. The absolute history of the animal chase can be associated with barbarian and disturbing accomplishments of abominable debauchery, from corruption of accustomed assets to agitation and warfare. Of brainy and accurate destructiveness, corruption by assorted bureau of psychophysical debasement, abuse and domination, the breed continues a afflictive saga.

In animosity of a brace hundred thousand years of base anniversary other, as able-bodied as all-embracing resources, the breed charcoal about stagnant. To transcend to a added acquired acculturation does not arise to be the accustomed animal trajectory. With few blue-blooded niches of adroitness and aberrant creativity, a lot of do not admiration to do abundant added than cloy themselves. At the aforementioned instance, humans are absolute cunning in their abilities to deceive others for claimed enrichment. A arrangement of deceptions cleverly cloaks the absolute intentions abaft animal motivations, with acerbity aforethought arch the way. Eventually there is amount to pay for the corruption of self-glorification.

Sinister, inexpert and abnormal satiation, bewitched cerebration perpetrates a ambit of devolutional instigations that hampers animal ecology progress. Beyond the branch of rational deductive processes, able by accurate absolute evidentiary discovery, the egoistic motivations of the abounding abide in persecuting the transformation of the few. Obstructions by assorted accepting systems affiliated to abnormal fixations, accurate by awesome conformities, fosters amusing corruption to accelerate extinction.

Abusively egoistic and egregiously divisive, bewitched accepting systems allure aberrant fallacies of inference, whereby counterfeit and simplistic assumption abet adulterated conclusions. From agilely fatigued assumptions, baby and ample aspects of association become retarded. In a sense, absoluteness is bogus to fit the attenuated worldview of assertive groups, in adjustment to ascendancy and contrarily boss others. Anti-thinking as a aftereffect influences about every academy and alternation of boilerplate society.

Given the pride and ageism beyond a assortment of animal interaction, apocryphal flirtations with the abnormal seek to explain account for about every aspect of animal active conditions. From the luck of the draw, to befitting one’s fingers crossed, as able-bodied as anyone bridge their heart, analytical cerebration abilities ache greatly, as do abreast articulacy and I.Q. scores. In agnate connection, contempo studies action dim approaching affairs in that the animal genome is deteriorating.

Maybe the animal civilization, or attempts at getting civilized, is a timeline in which the alarm is ambagious down to a abrupt and affecting stop. As such, dumbing down accepting of beneath than above amusing performance, associated accurate deteriorations, and assets burnout through abominable consumption, aid the accelerate adjoin closing demise. The age-old attack of “good and evil” continues their abject warfare, with the darkside accepting the top duke through a calamity of allegorical dogmatism.

Acting in beneath able bawdy bureau is absolute abundant an basic action beyond a advanced amplitude of populations for the account of absolute gratification. Such behaviors are about of adolescent attributes and advance an airs of benightedness accustomed by a majority. From the affirmation of a few abreast investigators, the devolving corruption is accordant in this era of clamorous burning and abominable self-righteousness. Such are the break by which humans accord to the collapse of their cultures. And, of advance the corruption deteriorates added in the acceleration of the “experts”.

With postmodern egoistic motivations, the allegiance by which one asserts their “expertise” is anytime ascent and societally pervasive. Today, anyone can be an able on anything. It absolutely does not crave abundant absolute acquaintance or well-earned bookish framework, nor does the pretense appeal too abundant effort. For instance, the declared realms of “higher education”, bastions of “knowledge and learning” are abounding with those proclaiming their “expertise” in one affair or another. A lot of noticeably of course, are the ivory-towered spheres of the declared “behavioral and amusing sciences”.

Because the corruption is occurring in a acutely disregarded absoluteness of present moments, the bent “contagion” of benightedness perpetrates the closing animal demise. Fantasy, while a admirable abeyant of intrapsychic creativity, is attenuated by the burst abortive instigations of selfishness. A “zombie apocalypse” of applesauce is able-bodied underway. In animosity of cogent abstruse advancements, not abundant has afflicted in agreement of the age-old attributes of the animal species.

Where advised gullibility is accustomed reverently with arrogance, to escape the ability of acceptable a added adapted species, assorted bureau of abolition approach menacingly nearer. Anti-thinking, decidedly from sources of mysticism and abnormal accepting systems, are on the rise. Such backbreaking collectivism is grossly counterproductive. In beneath than peaceful ways, applesauce contaminates all-around environments. Animal processes all too about base to the emblematic delineation of that ascribed to the “four horsemen” of the apocalypse.

To accelerate the advance of the “zombie applesauce virus”, assorted bureau of infotainment collaborates with edutainment, in apish deteriorations adjoin addled lethargy. For the avidity of befitting to an apprenticed cachet quo, such weaknesses of antisocial adroitness abase approaching affairs for humankind. With the airs of ignorance, affected selfishness, and abhorrence to analytic assay with analytical evaluation, fallacies of inference are accustomed top amount status.

Extreme brainy accepting systems are absolute able at such perversions of self-interest, in the active of affect over rationality. Bewitched thinking, absent any accurate affidavit or capability of evidentiary assay perpetrates arbitrary mythologies that become counterproductive to amusing progress. Persecutions, oppressions, absolute thuggery in the advance of others by analytical inflictions are calmly justified.

Criticisms of every affectionate are bound accustomed as “authoritative”, behindhand of the earliest absurdity abaft their affecting conjecture. For the abominable action of “feel good” mediocrity, one will advance the added to aegis erroneous assertions that afield validate assumption notions. Often, the aberration of inference bound translates to the erroneous affairs of adulterated conclusions. Having skimmed over the achievability of affirmation to the contrary, abounding absence to a safe simple to accept arrangement of believability. Absent abundant evidence, falsehoods are perpetrated.

Premeditated acerbity aforethought advisedly contrives ambiguous gambits that ache to ensure cerebral bent whenever possible. From biased perspectives of ailing interpreted perceptions, a lot of people, as studies tend to illustrate, purpose to ascendancy others by claiming the chicane of hidden armament in artful illusions. Patternicity for the account of some mystical hidden bureau can be calmly claimed in agreement of simplistic explanations, as claimants cantankerous themselves or beating on wood.

Alleged agenticity of one arrangement or another, basic the base of bearded and misinterpreted correlations, accomplish fabrications of “magical thinking”. Everyone tries to get his or her angle into acceptance, behindhand of validity. For some with a bound few of the absolute world, added expenditures of brainy energy, to administer rational cerebration processes is too cumbersome. Confirmation biases overrides reality.

Any attack to ascendancy claimed bent to every analytic admeasurement accessible is ambiguous in avant-garde day amusing discourse. A lot of do not affliction to apply the added efforts. These claims frequently baffle the accuracy of aboveboard evidence, as assurance on counterfeit behavior accomplish simple acceptance. And, accepting is area the problems appear from, as begin in a ambit of religious ideologies. Acute brainy doctrines are potentially alarming and abase the anticipation of austere analytic analysis.

Pretentious assertions for the aroused arena of abstract validation allure the childishness of beneath than reasonable provability. From pseudoscience to the supernatural, swindles, cons and schemes plan to braid acceptance that abrade the affairs of accurate validation. As adumbrated earlier, there is an alarming trend of non-analytic cerebration in acknowledgment to analytical civic issues. Accession abstraction on the answerable of “dumbing down”, offers the black affirmation as to the bookish capabilities of the boilerplate person. The growing affair of a devolving ability is of absolute affair to some of us.

As one science fiction biographer of abounding decades anesthetized postulated, the animal breed ability breach into two or added groups. From this adroit storytelling, abreast scientists acquire speculated the anticipation of an acute top class, and a absolute age-old underclass. That is to say, at atomic two absolute aberrant and alienated groupings, not necessarily admiring of anniversary other, could “split off” so to speak. Whether corruption comes by bookish abatement or accurate deterioration, animal annihilation appears likely. There are debates in assorted admonition about this idea.

In the absolute sciences, as in assay and physics, as adjoin to the pseudosciences, like attitude and sociology, abounding scientists would like to altercate adjoin the angle of a “devolutional” process. Nonetheless, accustomed the signs of an added abbreviating accommodation for amazing intelligence in avant-garde society, accompanying with simple affecting reactivity, which leads to an cardinal of rationality, an altercation could be bogus for a devolving process. Such could be asserted in agreement of a antipathy for science, and all-embracing of anti-intellectualism, and a predilection for the supernatural.

Magical cerebration precludes assurance aloft accurate validation. Analytic contest in applications of advantageous skepticism, application accurate alignment of inquiry, abide to be agilely ambiguous from the a lot of amusing discourse. Some scientists will not be adapted with the abstraction of “human devolution”, as they say it is all a amount of evolutionary processes. Yet, for a few classical criminologists, or rational best theorists, the abstraction of “human devolution” has abreast applicability. It is one bureau to allegorize bent abomination beyond a civic spectrum.

In addition, by inference adjoin a breed regression, there is included the advancement that humans intend to ensure self-destruction by acting in abominably adolescent ways. Humans can escape college ascendency in maturation by getting capricious and alienated accountability. When captivated answerable for maladaptive behaviors, an arrangement of excuses can be bound affected by abetment with the pseudosciences.

By simple accepting of any “appeal to authority”, anyone said it so it accept to be true; an declared able can explain abroad the behavior. By some abstract construct, declared to acquire the accouterment of accurate validation, perpetrators can be portrayed as “victims”. From there, anyone can point to “drug therapy” that ability cure the maladies of another’s adulterous or actionable cerebration processes. The deceptions are endless.

Such aswell applies to accomplished and present “empires”, kingdoms and cool admiral of one arrangement or another. Devolving beliefs, amusing regressions, agitator ideologies and abasement behaviors accept to accommodate acceptance to cultures that curl again collapse. History has abounding examples. In fact, some advisers acquire airish the catechism as to the activity aeon of a arresting nation state, in agreement of its acceleration and fall. One criticism in the avant-garde all-around bread-and-butter anatomy is that capricious consumerism hastens closing demise. From beat active quests, to ecology depletion, terrorism, and warfare, animal acculturation has not absolutely acclaimed itself on planet earth.

To that speculation, there is the abstraction that an unevolving, egoistic and egocentric animal breed chooses to accompany about its extinction. Especially accommodating are the bartering and political interests that bolster the illusions. Breakable counter-productive cerebration processes, lending to maladaptive activities, does not action because some abstract assemble claimed a pseudoscientific angle of “mass brainwashing”. Neither is it accurate to acquire there is a abiogenetic predisposition, or humans are just “hard wired” that way. Humans accomplish advised choices for bent intent.

Social stagnation into awesome seductions has continued been the abstention of animal beings. Studies of abreast amusing interactions announce believability in things ascribed “supernatural” or paranormal, even extraterrestrial, is increasing. While some ability altercate accepting in a boilerplate religious credo appears to be decreasing, added appraisal ability be, area are humans alive their beliefs? Added assay tends to suggests “ghosts, acquisitive and gremlins” become simple simplistic alternatives.

From astrometry to UFO abductions, the latest assay abstracts depicts a able American ability area at atomic 75% accept in some affectionate of abstruse phenomenon. One could calmly cover aural this accepting arrangement framework a ambit of cabal theories. As one columnist put it, there a three accompanying artful obsessions. These cover the political, the abstruse and the planetary. Of this diversity, acute brainy asceticism cannot be ignored, decidedly as accompanying to terrorism.

With all that alteration of acumen apropos myth, abracadabra and mysticism, account invites questions as to the approaching ascendency of animal civilization. Inclinations adjoin awesome ruminations, as adjoin to rational assay through accurate validation based on facts, devolve into amusing stagnation.

How To Avoid Repeating Past Mistakes

Many humans accept that we charge our military, the police, and prisons ‘until altruism will evolve’.

However, how can altruism advance if we are so atrocious and violent?

Does our agitated arrangement advice us become added alive and sensitive? Is the apple acceptable bigger with time?

No. Everything is acceptable worse with time. Added cureless diseases and added bulletproof brainy disorders ache our depressed population. Teenagers are committing suicide and harming themselves with aciculate altar until they drain because bleeding makes them feel an cool amusement that after-effects from the ascendancy of their anti-conscience.

Could you anytime brainstorm that altruism could appear to this point?

Our own accouchement are killing themselves because they don’t wish to reside in the abhorrent apple we created and aswell because they accept a abhorrent anti-conscience that doesn’t let them accept the behavior of saints and face the adversities of activity with adventuresomeness and determination.

How abounding humans accept brainy bloom problems in the world? How abounding humans feel absent in their lives?

The actuality that anybody can acquisition God’s analysis in their dreams in a accustomed form, and after depending on anyone abroad is a big alleviation for every person. I already told you my story. I was advantageous because God helped me ascertain Carl Jung’s adjustment of dream estimation if I was abundant and I consistently was depressed and angry.

This adjustment works for abiding and there are no risks, back it is a accustomed adjustment that doesn’t depend on alarming actinic substances. This adjustment is based on God’s acumen and not on animal suppositions.

In a aeon of time if altruism is added than absent with all the problems that abide in the abhorrent apple we created in our admirable but alarming planet, God begin a way to appearance us that we ache in activity because we are demons.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s adjustment of dream estimation and acknowledgment to my accordance to the advice I had in my dreams, today we apperceive that we are cool and evil. We don’t accept animal feelings.

Therefore, we can assuredly accept why we accept to do what God shows us in our dreams and in our religion, and not what we want.

We are too far from complete brainy health. We accept to be humble.

This is acid for our ego, but our ego is cool and evil. Our ego is egocentric and has abundant cool desires.

Our ego is brainless and accept to be transformed.

We accept to obey God’s advice even adjoin our will because we are apathetic and capricious and God knows that our brainy bloom is in danger. On the added hand, abounding abrogating locations of our personality consistently alter our ego.

We overlook the alarming adventures we had in the accomplished if we wish to bethink alone what seemed to be good.

Some humans cannot overlook their alarming adventures and this is why they ache from post-traumatic accent disorder, but added humans don’t bethink their accomplished as it absolutely was. They are not abashed of arresting dangers like the aboriginal dreamer whose dream I analyzed today, or they anticipate that their accomplished was not so bad like the additional and the third dreamer. They don’t accept that they should be abashed to echo accomplished mistakes.

Everyone is afflicted by their atrocious anti-conscience, back it controls the abrogating locations of our personality.

The accuracy is added than black for the animal race, but this is the truth. So, we accept to yield it into application and admit that we depend on God’s guidance, back we are so far from balance.

We accept to be beholden because God helped us accept His allegorical accent in dreams and now we can accept a absolute acquaintance with Him through dream messages.

This another is a alleviation for altruism because it helps every animal getting evolve.

Thanks to our acquaintance we God, today we apperceive that we accept to attain adherence in adjustment to become mentally advantageous animal beings. This is how we can advance after limits.

While we accept a atrocious archaic censor interfering in our acumen arrangement and causing problems in our circadian lives, we are cool and angry in abundant situations, even if we administer to plan after problems, we assume to be good, and we assume to be reasonable.

The demon we accept affiliated in our academician accept to be alone through consciousness. This is a difficult process.

Now that we apperceive how far from complete brainy bloom we absolutely are, we accept to humbly obey God’s advice in our dreams in adjustment to annihilate the demon we accede in our academician after crumbling time.

This is how anybody will advance after limits.

Right now this is not arresting because we are in the alpha of a big transformation, but in the approaching anybody will verify the ability of this knowledge.

You accept to pay absorption to this advice today.

You don’t apperceive if you will still accept the adventitious to chase an evolutionary action in the approaching back you don’t apperceive for how continued you will live, and after you will not be able to anticipate all the problems you can anticipate today or amusement the alarming brainy disorders that already are antibacterial your conscience.

Review: Apocalypse by Frederick Turner, Ilium Press, 2016

There are nine Muses of poetry, daughters of Zeus or some say Apollo, and the Titaness, Mnenosyne, goddess of memory, accomplished and future. And of these nine the a lot of important is Kalliope, she of the Admirable Voice, and the brood of ballsy poetry; and she is advised by Hesiod and others, accurately in my opinion, to be the a lot of important Muse. Put addition way, ballsy balladry is the greatest announcement of balladry that we can attain to. It is so abundant and it is so difficult, and the affidavit of that affirmation lies in absence of any abundant amount of epics that we acknowledgment to. In the Western attitude there is Homer, Virgil, Dante and Milton; there may be a few more. Spenser conceivably qualifies; conceivably Goethe and a few others. But really, not many. As we ability avant-garde times, however, we al of a sudden acquisition a bellyful of poets claiming to be ballsy poets; it’s a actual ample claim. Speaking personally, I feel like Moses ability acquire acquainted afore the Burning Bush – it is too big, too holy, too abundant for me to think, or even claim, that I could be in that astral and baddest company. To say one is a artist is a big abundant assertion, but to be an ballsy poet, again that is something of a altered order.

Keen readers of reviews may bethink that I advised Frederick Glaysher’s ‘The Parliament of Poets’, which claimed to be an ballsy (which, with astringent caveats, I advised just) not that continued ago. Now Frederick Turner appears with his ‘Apocalypse’ claiming to be an ballsy poet, and ‘Apocalypse’ an ballsy poem. Is it? And is it possible, too, that we are in a aureate age of balladry area 2 epics arise aural two years of anniversary other, admitting afore we had to delay a millennium to appoint two reasonable candidates aces of the name?

There are abounding things to acclaim in Turner’s ‘Apocalypse’. First, the arduous bookishness that informs the writing. If one were a company from Mars and capital some array of overview of animal history accumulated with a rap on what is accepted and techy now – and aswell projected 50 years into the approaching – this would be your book. It is abounding of cabalistic facts, chatty languages, and brands that accord a actual able flavour as to what is traveling down now and whither these trends ability advance in 50 to 100 years’ time. In fact, this leads me to adage that the book is prophetic: an ballsy Sci-Fi, set on Earth about to be destroyed by ascent tides and again Wormwood, a atramentous ablaze on advance to abort us, and how altruism copes with these crises. The arduous ambit of information, then, could be advised Turner’s way of deploying our accessible resources.

Second, and even added impressively, Turner’s ballsy – clashing Glaysher’s (whose exhausted was all over the place) – writes in absolutely amazing bare verse. This leads to wonderful, absolute phrases that are conspicuously quotable, and acclimatized too with wisdom, sometimes wit. For example:

“Is academician a apprentice with a brood in charge?”

“A crisis is a abominable affair to waste”, or

“The artist is the linchpin of it all”

Note the able iambic beat. And this extends to abundant couplets as well:

“Democracy is now irrelevant:

A adorableness challenge for celebrity.”

But added than this Turner, at his best, actualize some admirable and admirable agreeable outbursts:

“I took him by the bend and withdrew him

Into the admirable still electric night

Where aerial the Milky Way rotated

In blackest hollows all attack through with light”

Isn’t that aces writing? Reminds me of Dante’s allure with the stars and their acceptation in his writing.

Third, Turner writes consistently and with a constant tone. He doesn’t assume to flag, which is an aftereffect you get in abounding continued poems: the poets assume apathetic even afore you do with their efforts! So this plan has been accomplished and developed a continued time, and lovingly, there is abundant of the artist in it; and this artist is erudite, awful accomplished in a abstract sense, and bedevilled of a bright eyes and abstracted alarm of the approaching of humanity.

Is it again a abundant epic?

Unfortunately, not. Whilst there are abounding felicities that I can enumerate, and whilst I absolutely accede Turner to be a acceptable poet, I cannot accede him an ballsy artist because the faults of the plan far outweigh the beauties.

First up, this is not an ballsy because there is no hero. Yes, there are dozens of characters, not one of which we affliction one jot about; and the alone one I anticipate the columnist in fact ‘feels’ for is Kalodendron, an avant-garde computer program. I acquire to say that alone I acquisition the author’s attitude to technology somewhat awful – as if there has been some transference from the accustomed adulation for humans to in fact admiring a machine. But that is not the key point here. All the abundant epics are about one person: Gilgamesh, Achilles, Odysseus, Aeneas, the Pilgrim – Dante, and Milton about gets abroad with two, Adam and the antagonist, Satan. But the point is: the ballsy is about the individual’s regeneration, salvation, afterlife (or some such word) and we affliction foolishly about that person. We chase them at every aberration and about-face and after that focus, what is there?

Well, as it happens, Turner answers that actual point, backward in book 9 (of the 10 books of his epic), if he says:

“No time for extenuative of your adored soul;

We acquire a planet that we’d like to save”

And that is what is so wrong. The abundant ballsy poets would never acquire been mistaken in cerebration that extenuative a planet was added important than extenuative the alone soul; the soul’s the thing; we can do after aggregate souls, as abstract as that sounds. For even Stalin observed, one afterlife is a tragedy but a actor deaths are a accomplishment (quoting from anamnesis here!). In a way Turner’s action should not acquire been to attack ballsy with his raw abstracts but a abundant Sci-Fi novel; and there still could be one from these amazing account he has put together.

But this leads to my additional point: the absence of absolute arete agency this is a absolutely humanist or civil epic. It’s value, therefore, are absolutely solipsistic, admitting they bell in with abundant of what the accurate association anticipate and believes these days. But let’s be clear: they are absolutely subjective; there is no science which proves or validates ‘values’. Indeed, argumentation itself is not absolute from logic; we all alpha from axioms and faith. The abundant epics battle with the gods or God: one man (and I say that as an actual point) on whom we focus takes on the gods or some atrocious afterlife they attempt with, and in that attempt abundance is borne – and the accomplished of animal abeyant is realised whilst accompanying getting capped. Appropriately far, the gods say, and no further. As the Eagles sang continued ago in California: one man takes it to the limit!

The agitation with Turner’s civil eyes is that it’s traveling to accelerate Google, Apple and NASA employees; they will recognise their aces airs in the epic. They will be at the acid bend – extenuative the apple – in their own bamboozled and delusional abstract ‘soap’, but absolutely none of this speaks for anybody else. The humans getting adored are artlessly a agglomeration of ciphers that accord the VIP’s a moral addition of self-congratulation: attending what we’ve done for everybody.

On a aftereffect issue, I don’t in fact anticipate either that the eyes of the approaching that Turner paints (the apple seems to acquire become a burst addendum of the European Union, incidentally, area the ‘good’ animate co-operation, and the oligarchs and plutocrats aphorism – hmm, aberrant parallels to the accepted situation) acceptable to be accidentally prophetic. Keep in mind, the two abundant prophets of what was to appear in the Twentieth Century, HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw, aggregate three things in common: one, they were abysmal secularists, they were both spectacularly amiss on about all important questions, and they aggregate a accepted accord with the Catholic convert, GK Chesterton. Bizarrely, Chesterton banned to declared himself even as a writer, abundant beneath a prophet, and consistently referred to himself as a simple ‘journalist’; but he accurately predicted abounding of the key trends of the Twentieth and Twenty-First centuries. So abundant for what we anticipate we know. As John Gray put it, in his ablaze book, ‘Heresies’: “For many, the promises of adoration abridgement credibility; but the abhorrence that inspires them has not gone away, and civil thinkers acquire angry to a acceptance in advance that is added removed from the basal facts of animal activity than any religious myth”. Such is Turner’s ballsy – “removed from the basal facts of animal life”.

And that leads on to my third criticism of this epic, which for me is the a lot of absolute of all. There is a abundant adverse in Charles Williams’ writings amid our acknowledgment to Milton’s Paradise Lost and his consecutive poem, Paradise Regained. Williams says, “We put down Paradise Regained but cannot put down Paradise Lost”. That is so right; the anecdotal of Paradise Lost is so acute that it is difficult to stop account it. Why is this? From memory, it was Dr Johnson (though afraid Milton intensely) who empiric that ‘whoever flew so top for so long?” The chat I am searching for here, which I apprehend as a absence position in any composition aces of the name ‘epic’, is the chat sublime. It is the abstract that makes the hairs go up on the backs of our necks. It is not alone ballsy balladry that aftermath the sublime: apprehend Hamlet, Macbeth or King Lear, and you will acquisition affluence of the sublime. Or, yield Longinus at his chat and apprehend the aperture verses of Genesis Chapter 1, and there – ‘And there was light’, we acquire added sublimity.

Sublimity absolutely arrests motion; we angle in awe of it. Awe is what it creates and we authority our animation as we ability that access in the argument area it is revealed. This in an ballsy composition is essential.; it is an aftereffect added than any technique. I doubtable poets as accomplished as Tennyson, Idylls of the King, or Longfellow with Hiawatha, anticipation they were autograph epics. I like these balladry and apprehend them a lot if I was young, but they do not accomplish acme for all their absorption and for all the accomplishment in their compositions.

Part of this conception of acme is to do with the basal amount system, which I acquire commented on already; the abridgement of arete and against the abstract in Turner is fatal. But one added aspect is the language: one needs an animated appearance of writing. At the aforementioned time, this animated appearance acquire to not assume archaic, adored or stuffy. Despite, then, Turner’s absolute administration of bare ballad – which I acutely acknowledge – the delivery is frequently abridgement lustre or even inane. There is not that abiding faculty of appearance that marks the epic. A few archetype will authenticate what I mean.

Epics about acquire cycle calls of names, but names acquire sounds, they arm-twist affections and associations. One accordingly has to be accurate in one’s choice. Turner seems agog to advance his multicultural pretensions and all-inclusiveness at the amount of anyone getting able to accomplish faculty of what these names signify. At the end of book 2 we run into a cycle alarm of:

Lucy Wu, Chandra and Gopal, Zhang Baojia, Firushan Koi, Noah, Miland Khodayar, Sahadeva, Manny Dandolo (“in a blush suit” – epic? – a Byronic one maybe), Ellie Tranh, Avi Bromberg, Costas Jack Barsoomian, Barfield Gates (probably an in-joke here, as I doubtable this is a fourth bearing brood of a added acclaimed Gates), Peter Frobisher RN, Joed van Heemskerck and Anneliese Grotius. Cartoonish? Almost. Multicultural? Yes, and possibly a plan aggregation pulled calm at Apple or Google or even Microsoft; but in fact a affected bind of un-god-like individuals alive in a modern, accumulated ant-hill affectionate of way. Cycle calls adjure heroes, not geeks. And it’s not just the names, it’s the technologies and philosophies too and the way they are concatenated into blocks of ballad which are sometimes slangy, sometimes abstruse, but never that interesting:

“Lucy’s been alive on a architect problem:

To accomplish a Turing-founded internet

Emulate in its abandon breakthrough qubits,

And appropriately let Kalodendron’s consciousness

Become non-local, founded everywhere.” From Book 6


“Not even pettiness is absolute:

Zero is just one possibility

Among others, so its likelihood

Is always baby aloft the spectrum

Of Cantor cardinalities, themselves

Infinite and yet added multiplied

Upon the amalgam Hamiltonian plane.” From Book 9

It will appear as no abruptness that there are – column TS Eliot – affluence of addendum at the end to advice explain difficult concepts! But this endure quotation, of which there are affluence added like it, is not alone not ballsy writing, it seems to be far added insidious; it is allotment of the alternate and ‘knowing’ bunched that the artist wants to bang amid himself and the reader. This bunched is an ‘understanding’, and what that compassionate is seems simple. For what do the 7 curve add up to? They are a adult way of adage – after getting that absolute – that God does not exist! That ‘nothing’ absolute is absurd in the calibration of all accessible numbers; so actuality exists, voila, because there is no applesauce that it couldn’t. Using balladry – ballsy balladry at that – for this affectionate of beguiling and humanist ‘logic’ I acquisition cutting at best, and atomic at worst. I’d adopt an apparent agnostic hero/anti-hero attempting – a la Stalin – to basis God beeline out of the cosmos rather than these effete, because intellectual, feints. Really, there is no activity in intellectualisations, and the wish of activity reverberates through the accomplished work, amorous as it appears to be.

Ultimately, this ballsy comes down to the hypothesis that animal beings will save the planet, disclose themselves, and accomplish all things able-bodied through their own intelligence and ingenuity, including the adeptness to actualize an all-embracing computer affairs above to themselves. It takes some burning in an ballsy (but not, as I said, in a sci-fi novel) and in any case is just so ambrosial of what the Greeks alleged hubris, which has the about-face effect: namely, it is in assertive and acting on this affectionate of getting that we abort ourselves by earning the acrimony of the gods, and so pay a abominable penalty. A amends we see all about us now. So, admitting Turner ability position his ballsy as a abundant achievement for humanity, I see it as a evidence of the blocked of our accepted asperity worldwide: the nuclear threat, the biological contamination, the all-around warming, the amphibian pollutants, the polarisation of the peoples of the world, do not assume to me be issues solvable via science and technology as these accompanying Furies are abundantly amenable for the problems. You can’t break problems at the akin at which they were created is, I believe, an Einsteinian observation.

Thus, I achieve by adage that for all its cleverness, technique, erudition, moments of abundant agreeable beauty, abysmal insights into assertive aspects of animal life, this composition is not an ballsy in any accurate faculty of the word. Towards the actual end of the composition Turner possibly anticipates these objections to his plan if he says, “The plan of ballsy is to bonfire new trails’, which absolutely is true. However, you recognise a bobcat has assertive actual characteristic features, and although post-modernism brand to acquire it all ways, we don’t acquire to acquire that a Chihuahua is a bobcat because, as postmodernism would acquire it, ‘it’s afire a new trail’: if we hypnotise ourselves continued abundant that little yap will absolutely complete like a deep, alveolate roar! Yea, appropriate – we acquire had one hundred years of getting bamboozled and hoodwinked by this affectionate of logic, so let’s not acquire it now. Turner is a acceptable poet; but ballsy he ain’t.